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I Need to Sell My House! What do I do?

These are the most frequently asked questions about our company and how we purchase property. 

1. Who typically calls to sell their property?
    Anyone who wants a quick cash offer with no inspections. There are many reasons: divorce, problematic
    tenants, inheritance, moving, getting behind on mortgage, facing foreclosure, not wanting to make any
    repairs and many more.

2. Does it matter what kind of condition my property is in?
    No. Klamen Real Estate buys property in "any" condition.

3. Will I have to pay a fee or commission if you purchase my property?
     No. There are no fees to the seller.

4.  Will I have to pay a fee for you to visit and make an offer on my property?
    No. We will visit your house and most of the time make you a cash offer on the spot at absolutely no
    charge to you.

5. How will Klamen Real Estate determine a price for my property?
     Klamen takes into consideration the market conditions within your area and similar properties that have
     recently sold in your area. Then takes into consideration the cost of repairs to your property and factors in
     a small, but reasonable, profit. This is really the easiest way to sell your home.

6.  How quickly can you close?
     We can close in as quickly as 5 days. But it is completely up to the seller. Some sellers are in a hurry, while
     others need time. Whatever date is convenient for the seller, Klamen will be ready.

7. What if I'm being foreclosed on?
    Then you need to act fast! We can many times get the foreclosure stopped, but the longer you wait,                   the more difficult it will be. If your home does go to foreclosure, not only will you have lost your home, but
    your credit will be destroyed as well. Remember time is of the essence.

​Didn't find your answer? We are here to help! Call us at (314) 665-1221 or fill out our contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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