Chad Klamen Shows us Another St Louis Home Bought for Cash

Video Transcript

Hi. This is Chad with, Klamen Real Estate, as we buy houses as is for cash. I’m here in Ballwin, Missouri in Seven Oaks neighborhood. As you can see, very nice neighborhood here in Missouri. We recently just bought a house here and we can’t be more excited about.

This one here was inherited, and the person that’s selling it to us just kind of wanted to be done with it. Let’s go inside and take a look, and I’ll tell you a little-bit more about the property.

This one here, it’s an interesting deal because the house is in relatively good shape. The reality of the situation is he might have been able to put it on the MLS the way it is and potentially get the property sold.

But he has five people that he’s splitting the inheritance with, and by the time he does what he needs to do to put the house on the market, after he gets done paying the agent, even if it’s just minor fix ups, but after he gets done paying the real estate agent and going through the whole process, the combination of time and money it’s gonna cost him, he’s pretty much gonna put the same amount of money in his pocket.

We were able to give him almost what he could get on the MLS as an as-is offer. And what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna update everything, and we’re gonna put it on the MLS after it’s been completely updated.

Although it is in pretty good shape as the house sits, it’s not in top end shape, and what the top end buyer, and the end user will want it for. Like I said, it’s in pretty good shape. We’re gonna go in, and we’re gonna make it beautiful. And then we’re gonna sell it to someone whose actually going to live here. What I’m gonna do here is, I’m gonna turn the camera around, I’m gonna walk you through the house.

Just kind of giving you an idea here as I’m walking in the front door. It looks like theirs hardwood floors throughout. A nice fireplace here and then they have kind-of an open kitchen. What we kind of envisioned, is opening this up as much as possible. Turning this horizontal cabinet, we’re gonna take that out. With updated cabinets throughout, it will give it a really awesome open feel that the buyers today really likes.

Let me turn on some lights here. Like I said, as you can see, it’s a nice house. It’s relatively good shape. It’s not in an excellent shape, and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re gonna make it look excellent for the end user and for the final buyer. Obviously we’ll place some carpet, do some painting, put in some six panel doors or two panel doors. Really get it ready to go for the buyer.

If you have a house that you need to see as-is for cash, one reason or another whether it’s absolutely destroyed and needs a gut rehab or maybe you just don’t feel like messing around and put it on the MLS. We might be able to give you pretty close, if not the amount that you’re gonna get on the MLS.

Please give us a call. My cell phone number is, 314-461-1676. My office number is, 314-721-6800. Or fill out one of the applications online that we have on our website at That’s K-L-A-M-E-N

Hope to talk to you soon.