Brick House in Ferguson Sold As Is to Klamen Real Estate for Cash

Fourth Generation Business Owner Chad Klamen discusses Missouri home sold as-is for cash.


[00:00] Hi, this is Chad here at Klamen real estate where we buy houses as is for cash. I’m out here in front of a three bed, one bath brick house in Ferguson, Missouri, where we just closed on it yesterday and have not started the construction process at all. So looking forward to bringing you through this one here… for him and his wife. They need to sell quickly and they didn’t want the hassles of going through a real estate agent and they also wanted to save some money, that’s going to require, that you’ll see is required out of a Rehab, and they want to get rid of it quickly. And then that’s where we came in and we made them an all cash offer. So we’ll go ahead and take it through and I’ll show you  what it looks like.

[00:46] So, uh, before we go through, I just want to show you some of the things that I look on the outside of the house. And although it doesn’t look like a lot of these types of cracks and all that stuff costs money, so when we do go into the construction process, we’re definitely gonna have to take off the ivy on the outside of this house and clean it up, and we’ll find out what the brick looks like behind the Ivy. But that’s always a concern because you never know if the ivy stained the brick.

[01:19] and I just walked in the front door. As you can see a lot of personal belongings were left behind. I guess it’s just stuff that the people didn’t want. But one of our services is that you can take what you want, you can leave what you want. Our goal is to make it as simple and easy for you as a home seller through the selling process.

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