Can I Get Cash Fast for My Home in St. Louis, Missouri?

You Can Get Cash Fast from a Cash Home Buyer in St. Louis.

“How do I sell my as-is home in St. Louis?”

Currently, the St. Louis real estate market is highly competitive. There are a lot of qualified buyers, but not enough houses. The house in the best condition in prime locations will be the first to go. 

If your house is not in excellent condition and needs repairs or home improvements, you may have a difficult time finding a buyer. However, there is an alternative to listing your house on the market or searching for real estate agents.

You can sell your house as-is in St. Louis, Missouri. Companies that buy houses can look at your property, make a cash offer, and close the sale quickly. Best of all, you can sell your house as-is. You do not have to schedule a home inspection or make repairs. Plus, you do not have to pay closing costs or real estate commission. 

Read below to find out the benefits of selling your house as-is to a real estate investor.

Is Selling As-Is Better Than a Traditional Sale?

Most home sellers in St. Louis, MO, sell their property that way. However, a traditional sale may not work for you if you need to sell your house fast. So, if you need to put your home up for sale, you need to know the difference between a cash sale and a traditional sale.

A Traditional Sale

You essentially enter the property into the real estate market in a traditional sale. You list your house on popular real estate websites, hire a real estate agent, and show the house to potential buyers. If you have a fixer-upper, you may need to make repairs or upgrades to make the house more attractive. The steps in a traditional sale look something like this:

  • Prepare your house for a sale – repairs, upgrades, home improvements.
  • Schedule a home inspection and appraisal.
  • Choose from local real estate agents in your area.
  • List the house on an online marketplace or real estate listing site.
  • Show the house to multiple potential buyers.
  • Find a buyer and negotiate the terms of the sale.
  • Schedule a closing date to finalize the sale.

A Cash Sale

In a cash sale, you bypass the real estate market altogether and work directly with a company that buys houses in St. Louis. Even if you have a house in poor condition, you can work with someone who may buy houses for cash. The process of selling your house is much easier than in a traditional sale. The steps in a cash sale may look like this:

  • Contact local companies that buy houses in St. Louis, MO. 
  • Schedule a quick walkthrough with a buyer willing to pay cash for the house.
  • The buyer makes a cash offer.
  • If you agree to the sale price, you schedule a close date.
  • The buyer pays the closing costs and gives you a check to finalize the sale.

Is a Cash Sale Right for Me?

If your house is not move-in ready or you are going through a situation that prevents you from selling a house on the market, a cash sale could be your best option. Consider these possible situations when you list your home for sale.

You Live in an Old House

If you live in an old house in St. Louis, you will have difficulty competing against home sellers with newer properties. You may have to adjust your sale price significantly lower or spend thousands of dollars upgrading your house. If you do not have the time or money, a cash buyer can buy your house as-is, regardless of its age.

Your House Is Damaged

If your house is damaged by a fire, storm, or vandalism, you will have a hard time finding a buyer who will purchase the property as-is. You will either have to lower the sale price or spend thousands of dollars restoring the house. If you don’t want to bother with repairs, a buyer can make a cash offer to take the property off your hands with no strings attached.  

Vacant House

One type of house that a real estate investor looks for is a vacant house. One reason is that vacant properties become increasingly difficult to sell the longer they stay vacant. If you have a vacant house that you can’t seem to sell, you can work with a buyer to get out of the property. 

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