House Purchased in St Louis for Rehab

House Purchased in St Louis for Rehab

Business Owner and Real Estate Investor Chad Klamen Buy a House in St Louis for Cash

Hi, this is Chad here with Klamen group where we buy houses as is for cash and I’m hearing a dog town in St Louis, Missouri. Just bought this house closed on or a few weeks ago. Really excited to start this project, and I’ll kind of explain why here in a second. But, uh, we, I’ve been talking to this seller for now over a year and a half, we met a sometimes very late 2016 at the time. She wasn’t ready to sell, but we just stayed in touched. Uh, and then now she, she’s finally ready to, to move into a rental property and get out of the house that she’s in. It was actually her son’s house or so it was the one who’s selling. He had a motorcycle accident and she became the power of attorney. Um, and they were living here together. This was an interesting deal because it’s on a double lot on right now.

Lots of very valuable in Dogtown. So what we did is we bought the entire house and lot from them for a price that was fair for her and fair for us. And we went over the numbers and then what I did is I’m not a builder, so I sold the lot, um, to a builder. So just kind of give you an idea. I’m going to flip this around real quick areas, the house with a pool group, carport, theme, the garages on the other side, and then next to it, as you can see, it’s on a double lot. So we’re in the process of selling the lot to the builder has been sold, we just haven’t closed yet. He’s got to do is you got to do a survey. I’m planning an exactly where the lines are and that’s what he’s going through right now. So a lot.
Speaker 1: 01:45 Looks small hole. Put a house up there and hopefully do very well. And then we’ll, we’re going to do his rehab, this property, uh, put it on the market and get it sold because that’s what we do. So much going on inside of me. And I’ll show you around, centered in here. You’ve got a fireplace there in the corner to gas fireplaces actually, um, you can move into fireplaces not built into the property. And uh, walking in here to the kitchen, as you can see, it needs some work, but the layout is already set up kind of the way we like it. Open floor plan, you know, clearly we need some new cabinets going in different center island. Um, but I really liked this property sometimes, um, you know, we have to take out walls and especially when they were plaster walls and becomes a larger project than you anticipated.

But the layout the way it is, I really am looking forward to getting this done. What we’re going to do here is add a bathroom. So what we’ll do is we’ll add, we’ll close off these doors, make them not a door side on the outside, I’m put in insulation and then add a bathroom here. It’s kind of hard to visualize, but basically instead of full archways will have half archways and a half bath down here, not having a bathroom on the main level. Um, sometimes a sticking point from buyer. So it’ll be important to get that added, increase the value of the property. And then I’m going to take you upstairs. Can I get, just gives me an idea and a full bath in here, three bedrooms and what we’ll do is we’ll refinish the hardwood floors, paranormal or you paint and get this thing ready to go on the market.

So that is the plan. Um, as I was saying, we’re hearing dog town, so if you know anybody that um, you know, maybe they’re not able to keep up their house anymore. A person like I was saying that initially owned this house, um, was very capable person, went to Duke, uh, had some awesome stories to share with us and then his mom became power of attorney when he, you know, went through a really challenging situation. But, uh, we were able to help them get it sold. Never at one point did we pressure on, we just went on their timeline and that’s what our goal is, is to make their selling and real estate solution as simple as possible. And then we’re able to do that here. So if you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to call. And if you or you know, if you or anybody else that needs to sell a house as is for cash, give us a call at three.

How Selling Your Distressed Property Helps Others become Homeowners

How Selling Your Distressed Property Helps Others become Homeowners

If you cannot afford to cover your property taxes, you may need to consider selling your distressed property. If your house in in bad shape, full of a lot of stuff from over the years, you may be wondering “who would buy my house for cash in St. Louis?” While selling houses like this can be challenging, at The Klamen group, we specialize in this service and will make this as easy as possible for you.who buys houses for cash

You also get the benefit of seeing your old home rejuvenated and become the new home for someone else who needs one.

Affordable Housing Options

Distressed properties are priced at below market value, making them a feasible option for first-time home buyers who can’t afford the down payment for a brand-new house. This type of property is also affordable because they are sold as-is, which means sellers don’t need to pay for repairs or upgrades before putting it up on the market.

You don’t have to worry about disappointing potential homeowners, too. Buyers know what they are getting when they buy a distressed property and adjust their expectations accordingly. Besides, they’re not after the benefits of a brand-new construction; it’s the affordable price of an old building that appeals to them.

Fixer-Uppers are Cost-Efficient

First-time home buyers may save more if they purchase a fixer-upper and then do some of the repairs themselves. They can also stagger the costs of structural repairs and renovations over a long period. For many people, paying for repairs whenever they have the cash to spend is more economical and feasible compared to spending a large sum in one go.

Resale at a Higher Price is Possible

What’s great about rehabilitated distressed properties is they have a high potential for increasing market value. When your property’s new owners are done with renovations, they may later sell it at a higher price. After putting in a lot of time, hard work, and hard-earned money into restoring their house, this will be a well-deserved reward.

If you have a house that is in danger of foreclosure, stuck in probate, or in contention because of divorce proceedings, consider selling it instead. You won’t be the only one benefitting from the act by selling your property, you will be helping other people, too.
If you hope to have a quick and hassle-free transaction, Klamen Real Estate will be happy to help. Contact us, and we’ll get back to you promptly with an offer.

Successfully Sell Your Inherited Home

Successfully Sell Your Inherited Home

Although you might want to keep your inherited home, circumstances may not always allow it. The property might not be a good fit for you, or it may need too much work, time and money and that is where we come in!selling your inherited home

If you find yourself strapped for the time or money needed to get your house sold, it may be in your best interest to sell your inherited St. Louis home for cash from a reputable company like The Klamen Group.

Selling your home for cash eliminates all of these issues and expenses:

  • Realtor commissions
  • Cleaning the home
  • Removing old furniture or junk from the home
  • Updates or Renovations

…and you get the cash within a matter of days. If you decide to sell the house on your own, here are some of the things you will need to do:

Clean Out ONLY the Belongings that you want still Inside

After you remove the personal items, decide on what to do with the furnishings and accessories. You have two options.
First: keep the furniture and appliances for yourself. Every little appliance might hold fond memories of your loved ones, after all.
Second: leave them in the house and we will take care of the rest. By leaving them in the property, you do not have to move them or find a suitable storage area.

Sell the Home

You can put your house up for sale, but with fewer Americans buying homes, you may have a bit of a wait. About 71% of Americans find the home-buying process overwhelming, while 70% put off a purchase because of issues with affordability, after all. You will also need to make the house presentable for showings and vacate the house when prospective buyers want to view it.

Many people find it easier to sell the home “as-is” Hire a real estate company that buys homes in their current conditions. This eliminates the need to renovate and repair the property. Moreover, you do not have to wait long before the house is sold. At Klamen Real Estate, we can give you an all-cash offer and close the deal in as little as five days.

By working with The Klamen Group, you put over 90 years of history and experience on your side, you don’t have to stress yourself out over selling your inherited home and focus on more important matters in your life. Contact us today and we will take the time to understand your specific needs and give you a fair cash offer for your home while making it as easy as possible.

Contact Us Today for a free on-site home appraisal for prospective sellers – (314) 626-8486.

Going, Going, Gone: Selling Your Property Quickly for Cash

Going, Going, Gone: Selling Your Property Quickly for Cash

When it comes to selling a house quickly, the traditional route of listing the property with a realtor might not be the best option. Selling with a realtor, after all, only works when the seller has enough time to wait and accept offers on the home.

Homeowners who are pressed for time and need cash quickly should consider going straight to an investor. They can help save time and expenses. And those aren’t the only advantages of opting for this route. With a quick house sale in St. Louis, sellers can enjoy the following benefits:

A Hassle-Free Process and Quick Cash

For homeowners experiencing issues, such as a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or relocation, selling their house for cash can be a lifesaver. A cash sale takes away the inconvenience of accepting an offer only to lose the buyer at the last minute because they fail to qualify for a loan. Furthermore, the process takes only about one to three weeks to close, while conventional sales take four to seven weeks to finish.

Seller Safety and Property Preservation

When selling a distressed property, time is of the essence. Extended escrow periods can cause structural issues to crop up or a buyer to experience a problem that could affect their ability to close on a transaction.

Unwarranted delays could also encourage squatters to move into the property, and a seller could even face legal charges if they fail to monitor their home for potential safety hazards. A quick sale reduces the property’s exposure and preserves the condition of the home, as well.

No Commission Costs

By utilizing an investor, you can skip the commission check you would have to hand over to a realtor. This way, the offer they made will be the exact amount you will receive on the date of closing, and it will be easier for you to access the money to pay the bills or cover medical expenses.

At Klamen Real Estate, we make the process of selling your distressed property easier. We buy houses in as-is condition so you can get the best value for your home. Contact us today to get a quick cash offer.

My Home Needs Repairs: Should I Fix It Up or Sell It As Is?

My Home Needs Repairs: Should I Fix It Up or Sell It As Is?

Your exterior now has new siding, and you recently installed a large, luxurious bathtub to a remodeled the master bath. Despite these improvements, there are still many parts of the home that need updating and several things that need repair and replacement.

Now that you’re planning to put your home up for sale, you keep wondering whether you should fix it up or try to sell it as it is.

The answer depends on variables, including the return on investment, the condition of competing inventory, and the state of your real estate market.

Selling the Home As Is

Weigh the cost of any proposed improvements against your home’s market value after an upgrade or repair. Your goal should be to get the highest return with any improvement. There are a lot of different reports and opinions, but kitchen and bathroom updates can often give you a 100 percent return on investment.

Tour the neighborhood and check the condition of the other homes. Make sure to also check the amenities so you can compare it with yours. If, for instance, most of the homes on the market have refurbished baths, then concentrate on fixing the bath.

You don’t have to make significant investments or drastic, expensive changes. A minor remodel should be good; sometimes, merely painting the cabinets a darker color and updating hardware can give the space a more modern look.

Rule Out Unnecessary Improvements

List everything that is worn out, broken, or defective. Note that if potential buyers spot a problem first thing, no matter how small, they might pass up the property.

For the extremely hot real estate market, sellers usually get away with fewer fix-ups before selling. A home that needs extensive repairs, however, will still deliver a much lower price. In cold markets, buyers may not even check a property that requires work, unless it’s a property belonging to the lender.

Curb Appeal

Nothing happens until someone comes through your doors. And if your house doesn’t look appealing from the curb, they never come into your house.

Although you may not get a great return on investment in putting in new sod or painting your home, it may mean selling your house more quickly. This will help you not have to make more mortgage payments and have the hassle of having more people coming through your home for viewings.

With over 90 years of industry experience, our experts at Klamen Real Estate can help you sell your home as is if you don’t want to have to do the improvements.

We have helped countless customers receive cash offers on their property without the usual lengthy inspections and repairs as well as any commissions and hidden fees. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business, so you know you’re in safe, capable hands.

If you need expert advice on selling your home, fill out our form, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.