Derek Proctor & Mary Kayondo Testimonial: Sold Their House for Cash to Klamen Real Estate

Video Testimonial Transcript

Klamen: All right. Well, if you guys don’t mind, can you introduce yourself?

Derrick Proctor: My name is Derrick Proctor and I have been working with the Klamens for about 29 years now. They’ve been a great company and I think they’re fantastic people. Trustworthy and loyal. I mean people that you can depend on. Through the year’s he’s been a great guy. Him and his father and I will trust him to do just about anything. I mean as far as house wise or whatever. They’ve been wonderful people all through the years.

Mary Kayondo: Yes.

Klamen: Would you say they’ve treated you fairly throughout the years?

Mary Kayondo: Very, very well.

Derrick Proctor: Very good. They’ve been 100%.

Klamen: Okay.

Derrick Proctor: Yeah.

Klamen: If somebody had to sell their house, would you recommend Klamen Real Estate?

Derrick Proctor: Most definitely.

Mary Kayondo: Definitely.

Derrick Proctor: Most definitely. They would be treated very well.

Klamen: Anything else that you’d want to mention? Someone that’s thinking about getting into business with Klamen Real Estate?

Derrick Proctor: I think that you should go with them because, hey, they’re the best people. They’re trustworthy and hey, like I said again, you can’t beat them. I mean as far as prices in houses and stuff.

Mary Kayondo: That’s right.

Derrick Proctor: So, I would recommend them just about anytime to anyone. Okay.