House in South City St Louis Area Bought for Renovations

Fourth Generation Business Owner Chad Klamen Discusses St Louis Home Bought for Cash


Hello, Chad here at Klamen group where we buy houses as is for cash and I’m in South City. I’m in 63111 zip code at a two bed, one bath, a cottage style house, and the owner just moved out into Hillsboro, way out into the county and just wanting to sell this as is, needs quite a bit of work as you can see, there’s some plumbing issues and some other issues going on. And, just wanted to get it off his hands. We were one of three other investors that came in, took a look at it and we were the highest bidder so to speak. So, I’ll show you inside and show you what we bought here. And if you or anybody you know is looking to downsize, move out to the county, out away from the city, please give me a call and maybe a little bit more of a quiet lifestyle, please give us a call. I’ll show you the inside on what it looks, and some of the issues that we are more than happy to buy.

Speaker 2: 00:57 So I entered through the back door and as you can tell, the kitchen is in pretty good shape. It’s one of the reasons that we’re able to bid a little bit higher on this one than maybe other properties with similar issues, not a ton of work needed in the kitchen. And bathroom is relatively big, which we like. And again, also in decent shape. Um, this is kind of the main living area. There’s probably hardwood floors underneath here, which we’ll tear up. bedroom number one, which is very small, but it’ll do a for a two bed, one bath and in the city. And then there’s a second bedroom. It’s much bigger and I’ll show you downstairs some of the plumbing issues that I was talking about.

Speaker 2: 01:45 Fortunately there’s no lighting here, but you can kind of tell that there’s some sort of cracks knowing on a leading down into the basement. So I made it down here in the basement and the door is propped up against the basement door here kind of as a support. Uh, I guess previously somebody had had broken in, which is never good and kind of a safety concern. There is the electric panel, which without a cover it clearly won’t pass code, and kinda barely can see, but making my way into the back here and there’s a constant drip going on here into the basement right now. There’s a bucket here to kind of catch the water and the bucket’s about overflowed. So I’m going to empty that bucket and we’re going to have to get the water turned off. So if you or anybody else, you know, needs to sell a house as it is, maybe it has some plumbing issues, maybe they want to move out of the county and downsize from the city. Uh, please give me a call. My phone number is three, one, four, three, five, nine, 3139. Or you can check us out online at That’s k l a m e n Group. Talk to you soon and look forward to buying a house from you or somebody you know. Thank you.

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