House Sold As Is St Louis Suburb Florissant

Transcript of “House Sold As Is St Louis” Video

Chad here with Klamen Real Estate where we buy houses as is for cash. I’m in North County in Florrisant, Missouri where we just recently purchased a property and we’re meeting our contractor here to get some bids for the rehab. The seller on this property lived out of state and they needed to sell as is and they previously also had this one listed in the MLS, weren’t able to get it sold. We contacted them and were able to provide them with a fair as is cash offer.

Out here getting some bids from our contractor and looking forward to turning this house around and then selling it on the market. Why don’t you follow me inside and I’ll kind of show you around. As you can see, this house is as is. They left what they wanted, they took what they wanted. We were able to make a closing date, so weeks after we signed the contract and as you can see, it desires a little bit of TLC and a little bit of work from our guys over here. Probably take out this wall and open it up and give it that nice open feel. It’s got these great harbor floors, we look forward to refinishing those and ooh, looks like some tile in the bathroom needs to be taken out and we got a pink tub there, which is always fun to replace.

Again, we’re here in Florrisant, Missouri. I greatly appreciate you joining us and if you or anyone you know needs to sell a house as is for cash, please give me a call. Our website is and my cell phone number is 314-461-1676. See you on the next one.