Robert Breck Testimonial: We Buy Houses Customer

Video Transcript: Robert Breck Testimonial: We Buy Houses Customer

Klamen: I appreciate you sitting down with me today. Can you introduce yourself?

Robert: My name is Robert Breck.

Klamen: And you recently sold a property to Klamen Real Estate?

Robert: Yes, I did.

Klamen: Can you tell us a little bit about the transaction?

Robert: The transaction went completely smooth, I never expected anything like that. I mean, there was no hassle, came to an agreement on a price, it was done.

Klamen: How did they pay for the property?

Robert: Presumably cash, which is in the form of a check. You have to understand they’re not going to walk around with wall that money sticking in their pocket. But the settlement was excellent, there was no problem at all.

Klamen: Got it. And then just close it at a title company just like a normal transaction?

Robert: Yes, I did. I was able to choose the title company of my choice, and they had all the paperwork ready when I came in, signed on the dotted line, got my money, and out the door I went.

Klamen: If you need to sell your house for cash, or quickly, would you recommend Klamen Real Estate to other folks?

Robert: Absolutely. They’re very professional, very wonderful people to work with. They have no problems, if you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers. It’s that simple.