Need to Sell House to Move to Senior Living Facility

Video Transcript


Chad here with Klamen Group, Klamen Real Estate where we buy houses for cash. Does anybody know someone or are related to someone that’s moving to a senior living facility? Maybe they’ve lived in their house for the past, I don’t know, 30, 40, 50, 60 years and now they’re getting ready to sell. But let’s just say the house is not updated, dated, kind of looks like a grandma’s lived there, and maybe she’s moving to a senior living facility and needs to sell.

Well, that’s what happened here. They added on the MLS, it was not selling and the agent, or one of the agents that looks at the MLS for us, gave me a call and said “Hey Chad, they need an investor. She’s moving, and they need to liquidate, and they need their money now.” So, we came in, we made them a cash offer, and we just got done with the rehab. Let me show you the inside, it looks fantastic.
Here we are inside the property, kind of giving you a 3D, I’m sorry, a 360 scan of the room. Got a wood burning fireplace there that’s been whitewashed, refinished all the hardwood floors, opened up the wall to give you kind of the open feeling, and normally we take down the entire wall, but because there’s some structural beams, we had to leave it up, leave the structure up, and open it up to kind of give it that open feeling without actually opening the walls. We got granite countertops and then we have glass tile back splash with 42 inch cabinets, and boy, it looks gorgeous.

Let me show you the bathroom as well, we did a fantastic job on the bathroom, our contracting crew did. We got the tile flooring, we got the subway tile with the embroidery strip in the shower. That’s what the finished product looks like. So like I said, this person needed to sell, they needed to liquidate, we were able to provide them with a cash offer. It was on the MLS, and like I said before, nobody was buying it because today, the buyers want everything updated.

The buyers, they want everything updated, so we came in and we made them a fair cash offer, something that worked for them and worked for us, because our goal is always to create a win-win situation. If it doesn’t work for everyone, it usually doesn’t make a good … doesn’t make a good deal. So we were able to provide a fair solution for the seller, we were able to buy it, we rehabbed it, and we put this one on the market. It’s actually already sold and we can’t be more excited for the homeowner that just purchased the property to get to enjoy the updated house.

So if you know anyone moving into a senior care facility, and maybe their house is a little bit dated, maybe it needs a little bit of work, and maybe it’s on the MLS and isn’t selling, or maybe they don’t want a bunch of buyers walking through their house. They want one buyer, they want a fair offer, and they want to be done with it and move on, and put the cash in their pocket and in the bank, so they can enjoy what matters the most and that’s spending time with their family and their loved ones as they transition during their life. So if you need any help, please give me a call. My phone number is (314) 359-3139, or look us up online at That’s K-L-A-M-E-N-G-R-O-U-P dot com. Thank you very much, signing off.