Sell My House Fast in St Louis

We have been helping people in St Louis sell their house fast for over 90 years.

Klamen Real Estate offers a fast way to earn money from your most valuable financial asset to sell – your home in St. Louis. We specialize in helping those who need to sell distressed properties, including properties being sold because of inheritance, job loss, divorce, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. We also help those looking to sell commercial and multi-family units, as well as buy and hold rental properties.

How Easy is it to Sell My House for Cash in St Louis?

When you sell your house to Klamen Real Estate, you not only get your money immediately, you also eliminate the need to do improvements and avoid paying real estate commission.  Renovating your home up to code and improving your landscaping to make the property more marketable so you can sell it can be costly undertakings. On top of that, we do not perform inspections and will take no commissions from you. No matter what condition your house is in, we will take it. Not only that, we’ll cover the closing, paperwork, and other fees associated with the sale, making it easy for you to sell your house.

Buying and Selling St Louis Homes for almost a Century

Klamen Real Estate has been in the business of buying and selling homes for four generations, so you can trust in our deep roots in St. Louis and extensive experience.

Unlike other methods of selling a home, we allow you to sell your home “as-is,” so you can enjoy the convenience while getting the most out of the value of your home. This way, you can also avoid costly repairs, closing costs, real estate commissions and lengthy paperwork. We can close the transaction much faster because there is no appraisals and paperwork involved. Our St Louis based team handles every aspect of the selling process, and you won’t have to waste time showing or even cleaning your house.

If you are looking to sell your St Louis house fast for cash and as-is call us right now at (314) 721-6800 or fill out the form to the right. We look forward to talking with you!

Request a quick “as-is” offer for your house from Klamen Real Estate Group

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    Video Transcript

    Kelly Klamen: Hi. My name is Kelly Klamen. I’m the owner of Klamen Real Estate. We’ve been doing a family business for over 75 years in the St. Louis area. We buy and sell houses for cash and have been doing so since 1926. I personally have been doing it since 1981.
    We now have my son, the fourth generation of Klamen Real Estate to tell you a little bit more about what we do.

    Chad Klamen: If we were to buy your house, our goal is to make as simple on you as possible. It’ll start with a phone call where you tell me a little bit about your property. Then we’ll schedule a time for me to come out and take a look at it. If we can come to agreement on price, we’ll buy it from you as is in it’s current condition. There’s no real estate commissions paid. There’s no inspections and there’s no contingencies.

    Additionally, we buy any type of property. We buy inherited property. We buy probate property. We buy property from landlords that don’t want rentals anymore or if you just don’t want to put your house on the market and want a quick, as is sale, that’s the type of property we buy.

    Throughout the entire process, our number one goal is to make it as simple and hassle free on you as possible. It starts with a phone call and ends with you at the closing table and a check in your pocket. If you can just sell your property, as is, anywhere in the St. Louis area or its vicinity, in St. Charles or Jefferson County, please call us today at (314) 721-6800 or fill out the form above.