Sell Your House Now

Request a quick “as-is” offer from Klamen Real Estate Group

Klamen Real Estate offers a fast way to earn money from your most valuable financial asset to date – your home in St. Louis. We specialize in buying distressed properties, including properties being sold because of inheritance, job loss, divorce, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. We also buy commercial and multi-family units, as well as buy and hold rental properties.

Get Cash for Your Existing Home

With Klamen Real Estate, you not only get your money immediately, you also eliminate the need to put out any cash on improvements and paperwork.  Renovating your home up to code and improving your landscaping to make the property more marketable are, after all, costly undertakings. On top of that, our realtors will not perform inspections and will take no commissions from you. No matter what condition your house is in, we will take it. Not only that, we’ll cover the closing, attorney’s, and paperwork fees, as well.

Flipping Homes for Decades

Unlike other methods of selling a home, we buy homes “as-is,” so you can enjoy the convenience while getting the most out of the value of your home. This way, you can also avoid costly repairs and lengthy paperwork. We can close the transaction much faster because there is no appraisals and paperwork involved. Our team handles every aspect of the selling process, from flipping your home to finding its new owners.

Klamen Real Estate has been in the business of flipping homes for four generations, so you can trust in our diverse portfolio and extensive experience. View our gallery to see some of our new purchases and St. Louis homes for sale.