Chad Klamen Shows a Home Recently Purchased by Klamen Real Estate

Video Transcript: Sell Your St Louis House As Is for Cash

Chad Klamen:

Chad here at Klamen Group, where we buy houses for cash. Do you know anyone that doesn’t live in town anymore but needs to sell their house? It needs a little bit of work, and quite frankly, they haven’t been there for about a year, so it hasn’t been lived in? Well, that’s what happened here. A person that initially lived in this beautiful house here in Crestwood, Missouri needed to sell, and, well, let’s just say, it needed a little bit of work. Unfortunately, there was some animals that had been inside the house at one point, and you could definitely smell it. And, quite frankly, there was just a lot of stuff left in the house, and she just … It didn’t make sense to put it on the MLS, didn’t make sense to sell, as they needed a cash offer, and that’s where we came in. She didn’t have the ability to clean it up on herself, so we came in, and we’re closing on the property today. Can’t be more excited to start the rehab process. Let’s go inside, and I’ll show you around, and explain what the challenges are to this property, and show you what type of properties we buy, so let’s go on in.

Alrighty. So, as I said, we are closing today. I believe I’m closing at 12:30, and the seller’s closing a little bit after that. The seller’s out of town, so she’s actually going to be mailing in her documents. Just walked in the front door. As you can see, it’s a split-level type house, so what that means, I can either go up or down. Not as desirable of a property for us to buy, but we certainly are interested, and we’re closing on this one today. As you can tell, we buy them as-is, where-is. So, the person here could take what they want, and they could leave what they want. Our goal is to make it as simple on the seller as possible, and this particular seller is not living in St. Louis anymore.

They haven’t been for quite some time, and so this house has been vacant for quite some time. We made a very simple sale for her, provided her a cash offer and a quick close. One thing you can’t tell by this tour is, it smells like urine in this house very badly, and what that means is, we’re going to have to do some work to get that smell out. So, a home buyer that’s going to live in the property, they want everything updated, they want everything cleaned out, they want everything new, and they definitely don’t want it to smell like urine. But also, on the other hand, we buy them like this all the time, and we’re happy to do so.

If you know anybody that’s not living in town but needs to sell their house in St. Louis, maybe it needs a little bit of work, maybe it’s dated, whatever the situation may be, please give us a call. My cell phone number is 314-359-3139, or you can check us out online at thats, we buy them as-is, where is, just like this one.