Sell Your House Fast for Cash – Even
If Full of Hoarder Stuff

Chad Klamen shows a St. Louis house someone is trying to sell for cash.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Chad at Klamen Real Estate, where we buy houses as is, and I tell you, this one is as is. Let me give you a quick tour around. We got a call on this property today, and we’re gonna make them an offer. But yeah, this one needs pretty much about everything. As you can tell I’m walking on clothes and I’m walking on furniture, so who knows, there could be a body under here for all we know. But yeah, we’re taking a look, trying to find my way to the staircase. So, for safety reasons, I’m gonna sign off here but as you know, if you need to buy a house or you need to sell a house as is, please give us a call at 314-461-1676 or call our office at 314-721-6800. Or as normal, please fill out a form online at That’s K-L-A-M-E-N-G-R-O-U-P. I’ll talk to you the next time. Thanks.