Example of a St Louis house we purchased “as is” allowing the home owner to close within a matter of days for cash instead of waiting months.

Video Transcript: Selling a Home With Mold in St Louis

Chad Klamen:

Have you or anybody you know recently lost their job and can’t keep up with the house like you used to? The stuff that you could easily take care of, now because money is a little bit tight, is making a little bit more difficult to do the things that you used to do? Well, that’s what happened here in St. Charles. I’m at a house, it’s actually in O’Fallon, Missouri, and we’re at a house here that we’re closing on tomorrow. The seller, fantastic person. Unfortunately, they came on some hard times and they need to sell their house to liquidate some of the assets that they have and some of the equity that they have in their house. But unfortunately, it was in a condition where selling it on the open market in the MLS just didn’t make sense because the amount of work that needed. More than that, there is some mold issues in the house, where a buyer that’s going to live in the house couldn’t most likely take on the risk and purchase it. So they sold it as it to Klamen Real Estate.

Here at Klamen Group, that’s what we do, we buy houses as it for cash, and in this particular situation, we were able to provide someone with a little bit of peace of mind where they were able to sell their house, get their money out of, and do it very, very quickly. So I’m going to give you a quick tour of the house as I turn this around. As you see here, like I said, definitely … house needs some work. It’s a three bed, two-and-a-half bath house in O’Fallon. Had it not been for the amount of work that it needed, they would’ve sold it on the MLS. But in this particular situation, as you can tell, there was a leak that came in from this half bathroom in the hallway that cause some pretty terrible damage to the walls and to the floor.

So I’ll give you a quick kind of tour of the rest of the house. Recently has been emptied. The seller had some personal belongings and they took everything else out that they wanted. They were able to sell off some of their extra furniture that they’re no longer using now that they kind of downsized into a different living situation. Besides that, they took out the rest of their personal belongings that they found valuable. As you can see, it’s a nice house. It’s got a fireplace and like I said, three bed, two-and-a-half bath, but it just needs quite a bit of work and that’s what we’re here to do.

So if you or anybody you know needs to sell fast, you know who to call. We can provide a quick close and a cash offer, and then provide as much convenience as possible. Our goal is to provide a simple close. If you or anybody else needs help, my cell phone number is (314) 359-3139, or please look us up online at klamengroup.com, that’s K-L-A-M-E-N-G-R-O-U-P. I will talk to you soon.