St Louis House Purchased As is Undergoing Renovations

Fourth Generation Business Owner Chad Klamen Discusses St Louis Home Purchased for Cash

Hi, this is Chad here at Klamen Group where we buy houses as is. I’m in Maryland Heights, Missouri where we just started a rehab and, we’ve owned this particular house, it’s an interesting deal because we’ve owned it now for over a year, about 14 months and, we bought this house and the seller was having a heck of a time getting the people living in the property out, so she sold it to us with them in and we provided her a simple, smooth and easy transaction, closed in about two weeks and this was again over a year ago. Then, when we bought it, we had a heck of a time getting them out and it took over a year to, to evict the tenants out, but you know, that’s part of the headaches with real estate and our job is provide a simple sale, to the seller. And that’s what we did. And then it took us awhile to get them out, but it was an uphill battle. But we did it. And now we’re in the middle of a rehab and if you come inside, I’ll show you around.

So here we are inside the property, as you can tell when you’re just starting the construction process, first phase is ripping everything out and that’s where we are at now. This particular property, a smoker lived here, and so you can’t smell it, but, you know, before we started tearing everything out and washing the walls, it smelled like absolute nicotine and tobacco in the house. Um, before we paint we’9ll wash the walls of course, to get rid of that smell. Here’s where the bathroom will be. As you can tell, just kind of a hole right now. Kind of around where the kitchen will be, and all of the cabinets and fridge and everything will go in here. We’re going to put in new windows, put a new flooring, refinish the hardwood floors, here’s the second bathroom, half bath that’ll all be redone, repainted, has built in cabinetry, which is nice. We’ll be able to leave that. But besides that, everything else will go. And then we’ll have a partially finished basement.

Like I said, I’m here in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Very excited to get this property wrapped up and onto the market. So if you know anybody that has people living in their house that they can’t get rid of and they want to sell prior to the eviction, please give us a call, whether it takes us a month or a year, we’ll get the job done and it will provide you more importantly, with a simple and easy sale and transaction. Please give me a call if you need me. my phone number is 314-359-3139 and our office number is 314-721-6800 or visit us at talk to you soon!

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