St Louis-St Ann House bought for Rental Property

Fourth generation Business Owner and Real Estate Investor Chad Klamen Tours St Louis Home Purchased for Cash

You got Chad here at Klamen Group where we buy houses as is. I am in Saint Anne, a street called San Jose, where we just are in the middle, slash finishing up a rehab on a property that was sold to us through somebody, that was a landlord and had the property as a rental property and then we bought it from them and we’re gonna keep it as a rental. So if you know anybody that has a tenant that just won’t pay them the rent or they’re in the middle of an eviction and  need to sell, and they don’t want the hassle of fixing it up and putting on the market. Please give us a call. I’ll take you inside and show you what we’ve done.

So walking in the front door, we just got done painting and refinishing hardwood floors as you can tell they look, it looks fantastic. Here’s one bedroom, here’s the second bedroom of this rental property in St. Anne, and here’s a bathroom, which, in my opinion came out fantastic. A lot of times on our rentals we’ll match the flooring, and the shower, and just give it a nice finished tile look. And you know, you can get these fixtures at home depot. Same with, the flooring and the tile on the toilet. Kind of a home depot special so to speak.

Paint it, give it a fresh look. Kind of finish off the, the backsplash in the kitchen and give it an updated look. And although these look like granite countertops, they’re not, but we replaced the cabinets, and the countertops, updating the bathroom, finished off the flooring, and it makes a good rental for us. So when we bought this, this is, I guess the third bedroom it’s kind of a funky layout here, but when we bought this, it needed definitely some love and care. We were able to provide them with a quick close and a cash offer a so they could be done and get out of the rental business and we can do what we do best at the Rehab property and rent them out when needed or resell them when needed. So if you know anybody that’s got a rental, that they’re trying to get rid of, we buy anything up to about 20 units, up for an apartment complex all the way down to single family homes, all throughout the St. Louis County and city area. If you know anybody that wants to sell, Please give us a call. My cell phone number is 314-359-3139, and our office number is 314-721-6800. Talk to you soon!

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