Testimonial Christine: Sell My House Fast St Louis

Video Transcript, Christine: Sell My House Fast St Louis

Klamen: All right. Thanks for meeting with us. So, Christine, why did you need to sell your house?

Christine: We recently had put my mother in a nursing home and we had to sell our house.

Klamen: Why did you decide to sell with Klamen Real Estate?

Christine: My brother recommended me and we knew that they was a well trusting company in St. Louis.

Klamen: Got it. What was the process like when you did sell to them?

Christine: Very good and easy. They worked well with me. They even gave me time enough to find a place and let me pay them a little bit of rent.

Klamen: Got it. Did they, they worked on your timeline?

Christine: Yes.

Klamen: Would you say it was a pretty smooth transaction?

Christine: Oh yes, very smooth.

Klamen: Got it. Would you recommend Klamen Real Estate to other people?

Christine: Definitely.

Klamen: Okay. Is there anything else that you can think of that you wanted to say?

Christine: Just that Chad, the son, the father, were very easy to work with and I really enjoyed talking with them both.

Klamen: Great.