Just a Few of Our Many Grateful Clients

Patrick Aston

“My experience with Klamen Real Estate has been great. Chad is the best and I would recommend him to anyone. You will be really happy with Klamen Real Estate, they’re honest and straightforward.”


“Everything about my experience was great; we really enjoyed working with Klamen. They were able to close very quickly after contract. So smoothly, it couldn’t have been better.”


“My brother recommended me knowing that they were a well trusted company in St. Louis. The process was very good and easy. They even gave me enough time to find a place and let me pay him a little bit of rent. They worked on my timeline.”

Robert Breck

“My name is Robert Breck and I recently sold a property to Klamen real estate. The transaction went completely smooth. We were able to come to an agreement on a price with no hassle. The settlement was excellent with no problems at all. They’re very professional, very wonderful people to work with.”

Victoria Wilson 

“My name is Victoria Wilson and I just sold my house to Klamen Real Estate. I contacted several real estate investors and after talking to many of them, I found that Klamen Real Estate is by far the most prompt, polite and very professional. I would refer them to any friends or family. I liked working with Klamen Real Estate because they came up with a simple real estate solution for me.”

Derrick Proctor

“My name is Derrick Proctor and I have been working with Klamen Real Estate for about 29 years now. They’ve been a great company and I think they’re fantastic people, trustworthy and loyal. I will trust him and his father to do just about anything.”

Steve Welsh

“Klamen Group was very helpful, understanding & convenient to work with and we really never felt like we were being low-balled or taken advantage of in any way so we are very happy with our experience.”

Ronell Davis

“I’ve been dealing with Kelly for awhile and I love him.”

Davis Gerringer

“When Chad came out, there was no pressure. I was nervous about doing this, but Chad was positive, nothing negative. He answered all of our questions and was so nice to us and I recommend Klamen to everyone.”

Kathleen Langenfeld

"My name is Kathleen Langenfeld and I just sold my property to Klamen Real Estate. They were fantastic to work with, communicative easy to work with, very nice and kept me involved in the whole process so they've been great."

Michael Mendenhall

"My name is Michael Mendenhall and we had the unfortunate situation where we had to sell my father-in-law's house and we were looking and found Klamen Real Estate and they did an awesome job for us getting everything done. It's been a nice experience"

John Reynolds

"Chad was pretty easy going and made the process easy. I’d recommend them to anyone who has a property to sell."

James Wynn

"I wanted to sell my house as-is and I found Klamen Real Estate online. They were straight to the point, did everything they said they would do & I would recommend them to others needing to sell their house."

Josh Farris

“Awesome working with Chad and Amanda. They got me a fair offer when it wasn’t even on the market, would highly recommend working with them again.”