Victoria Wilson

Robert Breck

Derek Proctor & Mary Kayondo

Linda Sells Her House in Less Than Two Weeks!

Patric Aston

Charmaine Auble

“Me and my siblings had to sell a house AS-IS and were looking for a cash offer. We sold to Klamen Real Estate and had a wonderful experience. Kelly was professional and everyone in my family was happy after working with him and his staff. It was just a great experience. Kelly made everything easy and really looked out for us through the entire process.”

Mike Rooney

“We recently had to sell my Mom’s home. This is a home that has been in the family for decades and it was not an easy decision to make. Klamen Real Estate was patient, thoughtful and helpful in guiding us through the process. Chad and his Dad were receptive and easy to deal with, easy to reach by phone or email. They provided us with a very fair offer and made the sale very simple and hassle-free. Within 10 days of signing the contract we were closed and funded. Klamen Real Estate bought my Mom’s house AS-IS after only seeing the house one time.”

Stephen Metzenger

“Selling my house to Kelly at Klamen Real Estate was very quick and very smooth. I have not sold a house in a long time and did not realize how quick the transaction could be. Klamen Real Estate is a large local home buyer and is very professional. They had great service and I truly appreciated their excellent communication.”