We Buy Houses in St Louis Even
if a New Roof is Needed

Video Transcript

Chad Klamen here with Klaman Real Estate, where we buy houses as is for cash. I’m in O’Fallon, Missouri here. We just got done getting this house on the market and getting it sold after we bought it from the original owner. The original owner actually bought this house, and she wanted to move to Florida. I believe her husband just recently passed away, and yeah, she wanted to move to Florida and be with her kids and kind of enjoy the end of her life. So, she sold it to us as is.

What I’m doing here, we sold it to a buyer, and what they did is they went through and they had a professional inspector go through and they found as much stuff as possible. Then it’s our job to get it repaired before closing. What I’m doing is I’m checking to make sure our contractors got back in and did the work properly, and I’ll kind of give you an idea on some of this stuff that the end buyer, the person that’s going to live in the house, found during their inspection. Let me turn the camera around.

One of the major things that they found was it needed a new roof. That’s something that I didn’t catch during our walkthrough. We bought the property and did our estimated repairs, assuming that the roof was in good or excellent condition, and [inaudible 00:01:19]. It cost us approximately $4,500 to put on a new roof. It’s never fun when the inspector finds that type of stuff, but in order to stick by our work and give the end buyer the type of product that they deserve.

One of the other things that the end buyer requested and we did, it was missing a on and off switch for the gas fireplace, so we had our fireplace furnace professional come over here and make that adjustment.

There was no GFCI outlets by the kitchen sink, and that’s a requirement, so we put on that. There was some junction boxes, covers that were missing that we added for the end buyer. One was in the attic, so he had to go up there. Our electrician went up there in the attic and put on the junction box, because their inspector went up in the attic.

Now, when I went through the house to do my inspection, I did not go up in the attic, so there could’ve been a whole slew of issues up there, but luckily it was just the junction box cover. Our electrician did that, and then as well put it on in the basement where it was required.

Another one of the major items that the end buyer found, there were some missing lag bolts on the deck. We ended up having to do a lot of work to the deck. Again, it’s never fun when the end buyer finds this stuff, but it’s part of the business and we take care of it because, like I said, we want to stand by our work and do a good job for the person that’s going to live in the house. We did a lot of work to this deck, put on the new roof and-

There were a few other things that the buyer requested that we took care of, but we were able to provide the seller with a very simple solution, one that could solve her problems. She could move … One that could solve her problem, and she could move to Florida to be with her kids right away, not have to worry about having to deal with a retail buyer that’s going to come in and find the issues that the eye can’t see. That’s the point of the buyer doing their inspections as is.

This was another one, the house wasn’t destroyed. It was in okay shape. We went in and got it to the point where it’s in excellent shape, to the point where the end buyer will want to live there, can see themselves living in the house. And we sold it on the MLS, but then they come in and do their inspections and then we take care of the issues that they uncover that we didn’t even know about.

If you or anybody you know are in a situation where you just want to sell, you’re ready to move, you want an easy, hassle free, simple solution to your real estate problem, we’re here to help. Please give me a call. My cell phone number is (314) 359-3139. Or you can check us online at klamengroup.com. That’s K-L-A-M-E-N-G-R-O-U-P.com. I hope to talk to you soon.