Chad Klamen, 4th generation St Louis home buyer and owner of Klamen Real Estate, shows us a house they bought for cash,
updated and sold.

Transcript: Beautiful St Louis Home Rehab

Chad Klamen:

Hello. This is Chad here at Klamen Real Estate. and this is our, officially our first video following a rehab on a property and I’m very excited to get this on our website. Just to kind of give you an idea on what happened, a lady inherited a property with her parents. I think it was her mother passed away who was living in the home and she planned on selling the house, but it needed pretty much everything. When we bought it it was actually a one bedroom house and we put up a wall here in the living room and converted it to a two bedroom house before selling it. They contacted actually a real estate agent who reached out to us.

They know that we’ve been in the business a long time and can buy property for cash. We didn’t need them to do any repairs. Didn’t require any inspections and we were able to close on this property in about two weeks after getting the call from the agent. So, I’m here right now to kind of give you guys a brief on what’s going on as I use my selfie stick, so we added a wall here. We refinished the floors. Clearly did fresh painting throughout. There was no lighting at all in the ceiling, so we had to add all the lighting and the lighting fixtures. As you can see, there’s furniture in the room, in the house even though we haven’t sold it yet.

All of our houses we stage to kind of give the homey appeal after our carpenters get done with their work and so, I’m going to flip you around here as I can show you a little bit more about what’s going on in the house. Tile flooring in the bathroom. We did a subway tile with a boarder in the shower. It’s a one bath. Added again the light fixtures and refinished the floors in the master bedroom here. That’s got this great addition for an office or a closet. Whatever someone wants to use it for.

Then, of course we refinished the kitchen. Added new flooring, glass tile back splash and granite countertops and then you can see out there we refinished the garage. Added new siding and updated the roof, so it would match the roof on the outside of the house. We’re very excited to put this on the market. I’m here in St. Louis, Missouri and we’re in Dogtown, which is considered South City. It’s 63139 zip code. Still bit cold this time of year, but we’re very excited to get it on the market and hopefully we can sell it to somebody that is going to live in the property and really appreciate the work that’s been done. So, if you need to sell a house yourself as is or if you know anybody that does, you can always call us at 314-721-6800 or my cell phone number is 314-359-3139.

We buy all over the greater St. Louis area. All the way down to Festus and out to Windsville throughout St. Louis County and the city. I hope to talk to you soon.