What Is the Difference Between a Local vs. National Home Buyer?

As a home seller, you want to find the best buyer for your property – particularly a buyer that you trust to handle your situation with integrity and give you the best deal possible. The question you may ask yourself is where do you find the right company that buys houses? Can you sell your house to a local home buyer in St. Louis, Missouri or do you work with a national house-buying company?

There are benefits to both types of home buyers. National home buyers have an extensive real estate network and resources to make a quick cash offer and close the sale fast. However, local home buyers offer flexibility and personal attention, as well as a thorough knowledge of the St. Louis real estate market. Below, we compare local vs. national home buyers to help you choose the right buyer for your home.

What Is a Cash Home Buyer?

Before we compare a local vs. national home buyer, you need to have a basic understand of what a cash home buyer is and how they work with home sellers

A cash home buyer is a company that buys houses in St. Louis, Missouri. Examples of buyers include an investor, wholesaler, or a single buyer interested in your property. Most cash home buyers are interested in buying your house for a fix and flip, buy and hold, or rental property.

There are several distinguishing qualities of a cash home buyer.

  • They pay cash for your house as-is – no repairs necessary.
  • The buyer can close the sale in as little as a week.
  • You can sell your house to the buyer right now regardless of your situation.
  • Cash home buyers often provide flexible options to relieve the stress of selling your house.
  • You work with a single, pre-qualified buyer ready to commit to the home purchase.

Local vs. National Home Buyer: Which is Best for Me?

When selling your house, you need to consider four main things:

  • Which buyer can give you the best overall deal?
  • Who do you trust to treat you fairly and keep their promises?
  • Why are you selling your house?
  • Who benefits from the home sale?

National Home Buyer

The idea of a corporate buyer may not resonate with some home sellers in St. Louis. However, there are some upsides to a national home buyer. Most larger companies have the resources necessary to buy your house right away. They also have an extensive network of real estate professionals that may be able to guide you through your current situation and help you beyond the sale.

However, national home buyers may focus more on the sale than practicing empathy. Like any investor, a national house-buying company is focusing more on the bottom line without truly understanding your circumstances, the real value of your home or the local St. Louis real estate market. There may be more emphasis placed on the numbers with little flexibility in negotiating a deal.

Local Home Buyer

A local home buyer doesn’t have the vast network or the brand recognition of a national home buyer. For this reason, you may have to do some additional research to find a reputable buyer located here in St. Louis. However, there are plenty of practical advantages to working with a local home buyer over a national home buyer.

For instance, a local home buyer will give you personal attention and be more empathetic to your situation. As such, they provide more flexibility and negotiate a deal that creates a win-win for both parties. Local buyers also offer more accountability and can build trust much easier. Plus, local home buyers contribute to the local real estate market by improving property values through neighborhood enrichment.


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